The Third Ear Symposium 2014 took place on 4 July, with Third Ear once again joining forces with Southbank Centre.

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Third Ear Symposium 2014

The Dark Arts? Media, Culture & Spin

An international line-up of music promoters, programmers, producers, curators, funders, artists and composers join together for a day of talks and discussions to consider the changing relationship between the arts and the media.

The digital revolutions are turning the economies of the arts and of the media on their heads. Arts organisations and artists are creating their own media channels as access to publishing has become near universal, whilst many media organisations are turning to arts organisations for rich content from which they can build audiences and advertising revenues. The boundaries between arts and media organisations are shifting and in some cases dissolving, with consequences for traditional ideas of objective reporting.

At the same time as the media landscape is proliferating, the profession of arts journalism is being challenged as costs are minimised, leading to much greater media fragmentation and a reliance on ready-made news, often close at hand to the media base: London.

What are the opportunities and pitfalls within this new media landscape? How are audiences responding, and what do they expect? In a saturated world of news which is increasingly taken as ‘spin’, where can reliable news on the arts be found? How can London-based national media organisations reflect the diversity of work made and presented across the country? The symposium will attempt to answer these and other questions.

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Third Ear Music Ltd is a non-profit music production company set up by Ed McKeon and Julia Haferkorn. We bring together new music and art professionals in the UK, Europe and other parts of the world by setting up collaborations and by providing a platform for discussion through regularly hosted symposia.

Devised and produced by Third Ear in partnership with Southbank Centre 


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